SHAPESHIFTER CONCEPTS is a leading concept art studio in the entertainment industry focused on crafting elegant, creative designs and visual solutions but above all, bringing life to our clients vision. 

Combining imagination and expert craftsmanship we strive to deliver work of outstanding quality that exceeds expectations for each and every project. 

We provide designs for characters, creatures, vehicles, props, key frames and environments. Our services include.
* 2D / 3D ART

If you have a creative project, don’t hesitate to contact us for a solution to meet your production needs.

SHAPESHIFTER CONCEPTS was founded by Nathan Geppert, a Senior Concept Artist in the Entertainment Industry. His credits include the History Channel's popular Vikings series and the hilarious, Emmy nominated Con Man series.  
Nathan thrives on keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies and is passionate about delivering creative, visual ideas and solutions.

Thank you for your interest in SHAPESHIFTER CONCEPTS. We look forward to hearing from you.